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Hotels for Sale in Louisiana: December 2019

Hotel in the French Quarter in New Orleans

Louisiana has some of the most beautiful landscapes in the south with the French Quarter Moonwalk, Oak Alley Plantation, and many more. This area is filled with a rich history and plenty to do, making it a perfect tourist destination.…

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Why Buy From a Hotel Broker?

Young woman touring hotel

There is a strong market for hotels, and the best way to get into the market is through a hotel broker. Rather than hiring a financial advisor, legal professional, and realtor, you can work with a broker to expedite the…

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Hotels for Sale in Missouri: September 2019 Highlight


Southeast International Hotel Brokers has a variety of hotels for sale in many locations listed on our site. One place where we have quite a few listings is in the state of Missouri. Today in the Southeast International Hotel Brokers,…

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Hotel Sales: Boosting Your Bookings

Booking on a website

One task that is always on the mind of hotel owners is increasing their bookings. Whether you need to increase bookings during a slow time of year, or the busy season is falling short of expectations, it’s good to have…

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Selling a Hotel or Motel Online

Browsing online hotel listing

In this day and age, you can sell just about anything on the Internet. This includes motels and hotels. If you are planning on selling your hotel or motel online, it is essential that you take the necessary steps to…

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Creating a Meeting and Event Space

Event space

One of the most lucrative aspects of a hotel business can be your meeting and event space rentals. If you want this to be a significant part of your business, you need to make sure your meeting and event space…

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Myths About Selling a Hotel

Myths and misconceptions

Myths About Selling a Hotel Selling a hotel isn’t something most people do every day, so there are some misconceptions about the process that come out of this lack of experience. If you’re looking to sell your hotel, it’s a…

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Reasons You Might be Having Trouble Selling a Hotel

Why Selling a Hotel Might Not Be Working for You If you are having trouble selling a hotel, it can be extremely frustrating to watch it sit on the market. Maybe you have buyers interested, but no one is making…

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Our Hospitality Brokers Explain Local Listings for Hotels

 Hospitality Brokers Advice: Local Listings Is your hotel set up correctly on local listings? If you don’t know the answer to that question, it’s time to look into it and make sure. Local listings are important and can greatly impact…

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