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Why Buy From a Hotel Broker?

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There is a strong market for hotels, and the best way to get into the market is through a hotel broker. Rather than hiring a financial advisor, legal professional, and realtor, you can work with a broker to expedite the process. The hospitality industry is complicated, so it’s important to do business with people who know the industry well. In today’s blog post, Southeast International Hotel Brokers examines why you should buy a hotel from a broker. 

What Is a Hotel Broker? 

A hotel broker is different than a typical real estate agent. Brokers go beyond agent-level real estate education and have to pass both a real estate exam and a broker exam. This gives them a more comprehensive real estate education. Brokers must have a four-year degree and at least two years of real estate experience, as well as brokerage courses. When you work with a broker, you know that you are getting the best information on the best properties on the market. At Southeast International Hotel Brokers, our brokers can help you buy or sell your hotel with minimal stress and optimal results. Here are a few benefits that come from working with a broker.

True Pricing

Buying or selling a hotel is a bit more complicated than a home or business property because there are more variables to consider. A broker can help you work through the noise and get accurate pricing. A traditional real estate broker might be able to help you find listings, but they won’t have the industry knowledge to get you an accurate price. When you work with a broker, they will evaluate the physical condition of the hotel and the financial performance of the hotel to give you the best, most accurate price.  

Hospitality Expertise 

Another unique characteristic of hotel brokers compared to other real estate brokers is their unique hospitality expertise. To buy and sell hotels, you need to know how the industry works. When you are working with a broker, you are working with someone who has bought and sold hospitality properties before and has industry knowledge. Nobody is going to be more prepared to buy or sell a hotel than a hotel broker. 

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