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Beginner’s Guide to Hotel Brokers

Hotel Broker Southeast International Hotel Brokers

Hotel brokers exist for one reason: to ensure everyone who buys and sells a property gets the most out of the investment. At Southeast International Hotel Brokers, we hire only the most professional, well-educated, and knowledgeable brokers to help you…

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Hotel Brokerage Tips: Holiday Staff Guide

Hotel staff at work

As Christmas approaches, it’s important for your hotel to be prepared for the holiday season. Most hotels experience a bump in business during the holidays, so it’s important to have the right staffing strategy to keep up with the extra…

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What to Look for in a Hotel Manager

Interview with a hotel manager

Hiring for the hospitality industry is an important but challenging task. You want to make sure you hire the right person for the position, because it could be the difference between your guests enjoying their experience or being dissatisfied. These…

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Creating a Successful Boutique Hotel

Boutique hotel lobby

Running a successful boutique hotel is by no means an easy endeavor. You don’t have the backing of a well-known brand name the way you would with a franchised property. Thus, there are some special considerations you need to make…

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Strategic Partnerships in the Hotel Industry


One way that a hotel can increase both their revenue and their brand power is by initiating a strategic partnership with another brand. The right strategic partnership can bring in a lot of revenue and attention to both brands. Today…

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Recruiting Quality Hotel Employees

business meeting

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: a hotel’s success depends on customer service. After all, it is the hospitality industry. To provide excellent customer service, you need outstanding service professionals. No matter what processes you have in…

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