Sell a Hotel

Sell a Hotel

Southeast International Hotel Brokers has been selling hotels for more than 50 years. Our experience and knowledge of market values across the country is an extremely valuable asset to sellers like you. Additionally, we understand your need for confidentiality, so our hotel brokers operate under a confidentiality-focused strategic marketing plan that will get you the best offers on the market. If you would like to sell a hotel with us, you should know that we specialize in placing properties in the hands of well-qualified buyers with our strategic marketing process.

Our Strategic Marketing Process

The knowledgeable brokers at Southeast International understand what drives the value of your hotel and our strategic marketing process enables us to adequately market and sell a hotel while ensuring results.

Presentation. First, we compile a thorough and extensive marketing package. This package will provide important details about your hotel’s features, performance and market.

Visibility. Our hotel listings are consistently listed in top search results for the queries of qualified buyers. When you list your hotel property with Southeast International, you can be sure that it will be seen.

Multiplicity. We focus in on hotel and motel buyers by utilizing multiple third party websites to increase the exposure of your hotel property for sale. This expands the market in which your property is seen and increases exposure to more qualified individuals and corporate buyers.

Personal Contact & Email Marketing. We take a proactive approach to selling your hotel. Instead of waiting for buyers to contact us, each of our brokers calls a list of qualified buyers when we list a hotel that meets their requirements. We also contact prospective buyers through email marketing. This process increases the likeliness that your hotel will sell quicker.

Cooperation. We routinely network with other brokerages, which is extremely advantageous for you. Since we are more than willing to cooperate with other hotel brokerages, your hotel property’s profitability and marketability is increased.

Confidentiality. We know how important confidentiality is when you sell a hotel. We will meet with you to discuss your expectations and will not release any sensitive information until we do.

Results. Our premier marketing approach effectively connects buyers and sellers for optimal results on both ends.

With access to thousands of buyers, a streamlined focus on hotel sales, and 50+ years of experience selling hotels, Southeast International Hotel Brokers is the team you want on your side when selling your hotel.

If you would like to sell a hotel with Southeast International, simply complete the contact form below to receive more information about our selling process and to connect with one of our hotel brokers.

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