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Beginner’s Guide to Hotel Brokers

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Hotel brokers exist for one reason: to ensure everyone who buys and sells a property gets the most out of the investment. At Southeast International Hotel Brokers, we hire only the most professional, well-educated, and knowledgeable brokers to help you buy or sell a hotel. Today’s blog showcases a beginner’s guide to hotel brokers.



A hotel broker has in-depth, specialized knowledge of the hotel industry. The professional has more than just an understanding of real estate. Hotel brokers need to know how a hotel operates, the market forces that drive investments in hotels, profit margins, and revenue forecasts. Brokers have exceptional knowledge of the entire process of buying and selling a hotel.


Unlike real estate agents who just need to pass a licensing exam, hotel brokers typically have a four-year college degree along with specialized coursework after graduation.  Hotel brokers generally have experience operating a hotel, meaning they know what it takes to turn a successful profit. At Southeast International Hotel Brokers, our professionals are well-versed in legal, accounting, and hospitality industry issues that hotel owners may face. Some of our team members have been with us for more than three decades, making sure buyers and sellers get the most out of their investment.


Hotel brokers thrive on developing and maintaining relationships with management companies, banks, lenders, accountants, and attorneys. Think of this hospitality industry professional as a renaissance person who knows a lot about a lot of things. A hotel broker can point to the right kind of financing for a buyer and determine the correct management company to help run the property after the sale.

Hotel Operations

As a buyer, you need someone who understands how to run a hotel. A hotel broker is detail-oriented and knows how to run and manage a hotel on a day-to-day basis while offering expertise on the long-term benefits of the investment. Hotel brokers understand that performing everyday tasks leads to stable profitability over time, and these hospitality professionals show you hard data on how this happens.

Data & Hard Numbers 

Reports are huge when it comes to major investments. Hotel brokers show potential buyers the correct reports during every step of the process as an investor considers which property to buy. Brokers at Southeast International deliver the proper reports at the right time so you can make an informed choice.

Count on Southeast International Hotel Brokers

Count on us to deliver the right information, data, and knowledge about every step of purchasing a hotel. If you have questions about investing in a property and how to run it, we have answers and plenty of details! Contact Southeast International Hotel Brokers or call (417) 865-2520 for more details on our services.