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Hotel Brokers: When to Replace Mattresses

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Mattresses are a huge deal in hotels. Comfortable mattresses lead to good reviews on Yelp and great word-of-mouth advertising. Horrible mattresses can sink your business. Today’s blog from Southeast International Hotel Brokers explains when to replace mattresses at your property, whether you have a 200-room modern hotel or a cozy, three-room bed and breakfast.

It’s More Than Just Comfort

Replacing your mattresses is about more than just comfort. It’s also a matter of cleanliness. Dander, dust mites, and even bed bugs may collect inside of mattresses over time. If you find a worn-out mattress in your property, it’s time to replace it even if the mattress still feels comfortable. Consider the appearance, too. Stains on the surface of the mattress never look good. Guests, owners, and hotel brokers will take notice.

Mattress Warranty Versus Actual Usage

Mattresses have manufacturer’s warranties, although ones for commercial usage are hard to find. Top manufacturers and luxury options generally (but not always) offer some kind of warranty for hotel usage. However, you must take into account how often guests sleep on your mattresses. Rooms that don’t see a lot of traffic may not need their mattresses replaced as often as ones that do. Another thing to consider is flipping and rotating mattresses. Hotel brokers suggest following the manufacturer’s instructions for flipping and rotating to extend the life of mattresses as much as possible.


A good rule of thumb for replacing mattresses is about every three to five years. It’s also prudent to refresh the bed linens as well. There are notable exceptions to this timeframe when it comes to wear and tear on mattresses. If you’re renovating your facility, purchasing new mattresses and linens for your entire property is a fantastic idea. Hotel brokers believe that refreshing your entire property should be all-encompassing, with new fixtures, lighting, furniture, bedding, towels, and mattresses.

What to Do With Old Mattresses

Does your business have sustainability goals? Recycling your old mattresses offers a wonderful public relations opportunity. Fiber and foam in the mattresses can be repurposed as stuffing for pillows and upholstery, insulation, carpet pads, pet beds, and oil filters. Scrap recycling companies can break down box springs for metal that goes into auto parts, tools, and construction materials. Wood from old mattresses goes into flooring, wood pellets, mulch, and compost. Southeast International Hotel Brokers encourage you to find local recycling companies that can handle your old mattresses. Even if there’s a fee for taking them away, you earn a return on that investment from the PR you get by announcing what you did.

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