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Hotel Sales: Boosting Your Bookings

Booking on a website

One task that is always on the mind of hotel owners is increasing their bookings. Whether you need to increase bookings during a slow time of year, or the busy season is falling short of expectations, it’s good to have some tactics up your sleeve. Today in the Southeast International Hotel Brokers blog, we’ll discuss some ways to boost your hotel sales. 

Your Website

We’ve said it plenty of times before, but that’s because it’s vital to your business. A good hotel website is one surefire way to maintain a steady influx of bookings. Make it fast and easy to navigate and your customers will be much happier to book with you. Also, make sure your website is optimized for mobile devices. 

Have Great Copy on Your Website

You can set your website apart by having engaging and informative content on your website. It should draw people in and get them excited about staying at your property. If you’re not a writer, that’s no big deal; it’s worth it to hire someone to fill that void.


People abandon their bookings all the time. They abandon their bookings because they want to get to the cart screen, see their total, and weigh it against other options. Chances are they’re just browsing at the moment too, not ready to pull the trigger on anything yet. By remarketing to these customers, you remind them that you’re still a great option. 

Outline What Makes You Unique

Everything on your website, marketing materials, and booking engine should show guests the value they’ll get from choosing your hotel. Show them what sets you apart and why. By giving them a good amount of detail, you’ll provide them with everything they need to make a decision. This will show them that your hotel isn’t generic and that it’s a cut above the other options on the market.


Achieving a significant increase in your hotel sales is never easy, but by utilizing some of the above tips, you’ll certainly see the needle move in the right direction.

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