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Hotel Trend Watch: Augmented and Virtual Reality

Person wearing VR goggles

The technology being implemented in the hotel industry continues to get more and more advanced. Augmented and virtual reality has even started to enter the hospitality space. But how do you use these technologies in your hotel, and what do…

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Airbnb: Friend, Not Foe?

Analyzing an OTA site

Airbnb first entered the hospitality industry on a very small scale, and not many people took them seriously at the time. But they grew quickly, and now Airbnb is a thriving company. Throughout the rise of Airbnb, hotel owners have…

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What Is a Soft Brand?

Nice hotel room

When choosing the type of hotel you want to invest in, one of your choices will be whether you want a franchised or independent property. But, there is another option that has been making waves in the hotel industry recently:…

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Secondary Markets in the Hotel Industry

Secondary markets

Hoteliers are always on the hunt for an edge in the hotel industry. The hotel industry can be difficult to break into, and it can be tough to decide where to invest in your first, or next, property. Secondary markets,…

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Top Challenges Facing the Hotel Industry

Challenges concept

Hotel owners need to stay on top of the latest trends in order to run a successful business. In addition to staying on top of trends, owners also need to pay attention to the biggest challenges the industry is currently…

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Making Your Loyalty Program More Convenient

Woman at hotel lobby

Loyalty programs are a big part of any hotel business. It’s why customers tend to choose the same brand or hotel time and time again when they’re in town. Loyalty programs are beneficial even with independent hotels. Having some a…

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Coworking and the Hotel Industry

business meeting

Here at Southeast International Hotel Brokers, we’re always staying up to date on the newest trends in the hotel industry. One trend that has caught our eye lately is the trend of implementing coworking space in hotels. But what is…

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Cutting Down on Plastic Waste in Your Hotel

Plastic waste in hotel

Plastic waste is one of the most challenging waste products for businesses to eliminate. The problem of plastic waste is especially the case in the hotel industry. There are so many different ways that plastic is used; you may not…

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