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Hotel Brokerage Tips: How to Decorate Your Hotel for the Holidays

Holiday hotel lobby

As the holidays approach, it’s important that your hotel is properly prepared. The hotel industry sees a bump in business during December as guests travel for the holidays, so it’s a great idea to use festive decorations to make a memorable impression. If things go well, your guests will return to your hotel during their holiday travels every year. In today’s blog post, the hotel brokerage experts at Southeast International Hotel Brokers have some tips to prepare your hotel for the holidays.

Decorating Your Exterior

The exterior of your hotel will make the first impression on guests. During the holidays, it’s a great idea to welcome visitors with holiday spirit and lots of attractive lighting. Colorful lights are a perfect place to begin your decorations for the holiday season. You can opt for simple Christmas lights or get more adventurous with extravagant light displays. In the hotel industry, a first impression goes a long way, and exterior holiday decorations are a great solution.

Decorating Your Lobby

In the classic Christmas movie, Home Alone 2, there is an iconic scene filmed in the lobby of The Plaza Hotel, with beautiful Christmas trees, glittering holiday lighting, and gorgeous Christmas decorations. This movie made an unforgettable holiday memory for millions of audience members, and your hotel can do the same! Nothing is more welcoming for your holiday guests than a lobby with heart-warming holiday decorations. The important thing to remember is that you need a festive and cohesive theme. Use complementary colors and decorations that create balance and beauty within the space. 

Decorating Your Rooms

When it comes to the actual rooms in your hotel, holiday decorations are a little bit more difficult. Your staff has a little less flexibility, but there are still some subtle things you can do to make your guests feel welcome. Tiny Christmas trees, holiday-themed soaps, seasonal refreshments, and holiday-themed door hangers are great additions. If you offer hotel brokerage industry towel art at your facility, think about a snowman or other holiday-themed art.

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