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Airbnb: Friend, Not Foe?

Analyzing an OTA site

Airbnb first entered the hospitality industry on a very small scale, and not many people took them seriously at the time. But they grew quickly, and now Airbnb is a thriving company. Throughout the rise of Airbnb, hotel owners have wondered if the startup spelled disaster for the hotel industry. Now, in 2019, we’re looking at Airbnb through quite a different lens. Airbnb is no longer the hotel killer that many feared. In fact, it’s gradually become a friend of the hotel industry. But how can that be? Today in the Southeast International Hotel Brokers blog, we explain the details.

Why Airbnb Is No Longer the “Hotel Killer”

In early 2019, Airbnb acquired HotelTonight, a travel app that helps users find good deals on hotel rooms. This was a big acquisition, one that positioned Airbnb as a partner in the hotel industry rather than a challenger. Airbnb was once considered a threat to the hotel industry, and now it has become a possible ally.

Boutique Hotels Get a Better OTA

Dealing with OTAs is an unfortunate reality of the hotel industry. Boutique and independent hotels now have an alternative to the typical OTA options, because Airbnb has entered the space. This allows boutique hotels to list on the Airbnb platform, so those hotels will be getting a ton of additional exposure to customers. The traffic to Airbnb alone is enough to entice an independent hotel to list on their website. 

This is overall good news for boutique hotel owners. In fact, it could be good news for all hotel owners. As Airbnb makes moves to compete with online travel agencies, these big-name OTAs are likely to have to adjust their strategies to stay competitive.

Hotels Still Offer a Different Experience

Since Airbnb’s conception, the worry about their effect on the hotel industry at large has significantly cooled down. This is because many customers simply prefer a hotel experience and will choose a hotel room over an Airbnb. A smaller, specific segment of travelers prefer the experience Airbnb offers, so traditional hotels don’t have much to worry about. Plus, there’s always the possibility that Airbnb decides to allow traditional hotels to list on their website.   

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