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Hotel Trends: What Owners Can Learn From the Taco Bell Hotel


The hotel industry gets more exciting every year. Now we have fast-food chains entering the space with pop-up hotels to offer a unique experience and drum up publicity. Taco Bell recently opened a pop-up hotel that offered a Taco Bell-themed aesthetic, plenty of amenities, and activities for the guests. 


So, is Taco Bell the next hotel industry giant that owners will have to compete with? Definitely not, but that doesn’t mean the industry can’t learn from this experiment. Today in the Southeast International Hotel Brokers blog, we’ll talk about some things to take away from the Taco Bell Hotel and how it might affect hotel trends in the future.

People Value Experiences

The Taco Bell Hotel was a success, to say the least: room reservations sold out within two minutes of being available. But what’s the secret behind this success? It’s clear that people want engaging, unique experiences. The Taco Bell Hotel is nothing if not unique, with its pop-up status, exclusive perks, and wacky theme. The Taco Bell Hotel included things like a Taco-Bell themed barbershop and salon, poolside DJ performances, and a special Taco-Bell inspired menu curated by a professional chef. The combination of this being an unusual experience and the limited-time nature made people come out in droves to have a chance to stay at the hotel.


Hotel trends have indicated the importance of experiences for several years now, and the trend has just grown stronger. Hotel owners could consider offering one-time experiences or bringing in more unique amenities to attract customers. 

People are Loyal to Brands

The Taco Bell Hotel could have easily failed if it wasn’t for the intense brand loyalty they’ve built over the years. Since the rise of social media, Taco Bell has made a huge push to appeal to the younger markets. This brand relatability has given Taco Bell many lifelong customers, and this brand loyalty is what led to their pop-up selling out so quickly. Hotel owners would do well to take a page from their brand loyalty book. By paying attention to what your customer base cares about, it’s easier to connect with them and instill deep brand loyalty.


Of course, the nature of the Taco Bell Hotel certainly makes it an outlier in the hotel industry. But by studying these unique hotel trends, hotel owners can learn quite a bit.

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