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Hospitality Brokerage: What to Do With Unbooked Rooms?

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Hotels can quickly sell out, leaving tourists and travelers at a loss when they get to their destination. Selling every room in your hotel is ideal; however, it is not always the case. What are you supposed to do with your unbooked hotel rooms? Should you count your losses and hope you attract walk-in guests? In today’s hospitality brokerage blog, Southeast International Hotel Brokers gives some advice on what you should do with your unbooked hotel rooms to avoid a sunken cost.

Third-Party Hotel Apps

Travel experts and business people who are always on the road have begun to take advantage of unbooked hotel rooms. They rely on walking into the hotel and asking for a discounted price. Previously, this is what hotel owners needed to at least break-even on their unbooked rooms. However, third-party hospitality brokerage apps like Hotels Tonight offer last-minute booking deals to customers who are looking for a walk-in reservation. 


Publicizing your hotel on last-minute stay apps allows you to attract a market of travelers looking to get a good deal. Reservations start flooding in when the nightly rates are much lower, and it also helps you fill the rooms up to avoid a sunken cost. 

Upgrade to Suites

Guests will always be looking for the best rooms for the cheapest rates. A tip to increase revenue with your unbooked rooms is offering current guests a room upgrade to a suite, higher floor, or better location. Suites are often some of the last hotel rooms booked because of the price. However, by offering an upgrade to current guests for a slightly increased rate, this can eliminate the sunken cost for a more expensive room. 

Long-Term Commitment Guests

Every hotel has its regular guests, whether they are traveling with their family for an extended stay or are in town once a month for business. One way to keep guests coming back is discounted rates for long-term commitments. If a guest knows they will be coming back regularly, the hotel owner can develop a payment plan and reservation schedule for the guest to ensure their room will never be booked during their travel. It also allows the guest to pay ahead of time, guaranteeing payment for the room even if it is empty.

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