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Creating a Successful Boutique Hotel

Boutique hotel lobby

Running a successful boutique hotel is by no means an easy endeavor. You don’t have the backing of a well-known brand name the way you would with a franchised property. Thus, there are some special considerations you need to make if you want your hotel to succeed. In today’s Southeast International Hotel Brokers blog, we’ll take a look at some factors that make a boutique hotel successful.

What Makes a Successful Boutique Hotel?

As with any business, there’s no single, guaranteed formula to create success, but here are a few things that many successful boutique hotels have in common:

A Memorable Experience

The whole point of staying at a boutique hotel is getting a different experience than a typical hotel stay. Make sure that the experience is memorable, and not one that the guest would prefer to forget. Millennials, in particular, are searching for this kind of travel experience. Your hotel should be welcoming, comfortable, unique, well-designed, and have things that set it apart from a traditional hotel. The more unique your identity is, the better chance you have to stand out from the competition.


More than any other type of hotel, a boutique hotel needs to have a strong marketing strategy. You have to create brand awareness and get people to notice what your hotel has to offer. Luckily, boutique hotels are the perfect type of business to thrive on social media. Instagram-worthy spaces will get guests and influencers sharing pictures of themselves enjoying what your hotel has to offer. A well-designed hotel interior and exterior, a unique and local culinary selection, and nontraditional rooms can all contribute to your social media strategy and get people interested in staying at your hotel.

Customer Service

All hotels need excellent customer service, but boutique hotels need to pay special attention. If they can create special moments for guests and provide service that’s above and beyond the ordinary, boutique hotels can increase their ratings online. This can ensure you’ll have both new and returning guests. 

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