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Hotel Sales: How the Acquisition Process Works (Part 2)

Handshake for hotel sales acquisition concept

A continuation of the hotel sales and acquisition process. Last month, we provided you with an in depth explanation of the first half of the acquisition process. Today we’re going to fill in those remaining steps to give you a…

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Hotel Sales: How the Acquisition Process Works (Part 1)

Handshake for hotel sales acquisition concept

Learn more about hotel sales and acquisition. Buying a hotel is a big commitment that requires plenty of research and a team of professionals that understands all the ins and outs of each potential transaction. Here at Southeast International Hotel…

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Hotel Property for Sale: How Much Is My Hotel Worth?

value of hotel property for sale graphic

Find out how the value of your hotel property for sale is assessed. With the economy finally on the climb again, it has become a better time than any to find yourself in the hotel industry. If you are considering…

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Why Buy a Hotel?

Buy a hotel with a broker

Think it’s crazy to buy a hotel? Think again. At Southeast International Hotel Brokers, we work in the hotel brokerage business, but we also work in the people business. We understand that in today’s economy it can be financially and…

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Choosing a Qualified Hotel Broker

Hotel broker meeting with client

Here’s what you should look for in a hotel broker. Here at Southeast International, we want our clients to be well informed. Your hotel broker should be with you throughout every step of your sales journey, which is why it’s…

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Advantages of Selling Your Hotel With a Hotel Broker

hotel broker standing in lobby of hotel

Why you should consider hiring a hotel broker to sell your hotel. When you make the decision to sell your hotel you should consider whether you want to sell it yourself or hire a broker to help. There are many…

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