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Motel Brokers: How to Sell a Motel

Motel Brokers Shaking Hands

If you’re looking to sell your motel, consider letting our motel brokers assist you.

Your decision to sell a motel is just as big as your decision to buy one. Whatever your reasoning may be, we know you don’t want to settle and accept a liquidation price. You’ve most likely invested a lot of time and money into this motel, and you expect a good return on your investment.

Get Your Motel Property Ready

One important thing to remember is that your business will not sell for more than what it is worth now (regardless of how much you purchased it for, how much you’ve invested, or your subjective perspective). If you are trying to sell a motel that isn’t profitable, you should prepare by restoring it to profitability. This could include upgrading technology, plumbing, electrical equipment, flooring, or other equipment.

Getting a business appraisal is not only a great way to give yourself an unbiased evaluation, but most motel brokers and/or buyers would like to see one as well. This will help you determine an appropriate price. Selling prices that are too expensive can hurt your ability to close on a sale, and prices that are too inexpensive might devalue your business to the buyer, or result in selling the motel for less than it’s worth.

Hire a Motel Broker

Motel brokers have specific sets of skills and knowledge. Don’t fall into the trap of hiring a business broker that will not have the necessary hospitality industry experience to advise you.

Unlike business brokers, motel brokers will have essential knowledge of the industry and current market. Southeast International Hotel Brokers has more than 50 years of experience to best serve you. We can guide you through every step of the motel sale process.

Let Southeast International Hotel Brokers Do the Work

Southeast International Hotel Brokers will optimize the exposure of your motel for sale to qualified buyers with a proven multi-tier marketing plan. We make sure your motel remains in the top search results and on a host of third party websites with online advertisements, email marketing campaigns, hard copy mailings and personal contact.

The online listings we create for your motel will be effective and accurate, featuring high quality photos with adequate lighting and composition, a clear and concise description, and mentions of desirable amenities, such as pools, fitness centers and recent updates or renovations. All of this is done without disclosing the exact location of your motel property.

Our brokerage services also encompass a custom-crafted marketing package to provide to qualified buyers that will include all the details, such as your motel’s location, a thorough description and performance metrics. Southeast International will even work with other motel brokers to increase your profitability and marketability.

If you’ve never worked with motel brokers before, we encourage you to contact us today to learn more about selling your hotel with Southeast International.