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Google Hotel Ads

Google Hotel Ad

As a hotel owner, you’re likely looking for any way to raise awareness about your hotel and drive sales. One way you can increase bookings is by using Google Hotel Ads. This Google Ads feature was designed specifically for hotels. Today in the Southeast International Hotel Brokers blog, we’ll talk about Google Hotel Ads and how you can use them to your advantage.

What Are Google Hotel Ads?

Google Hotel Ads are ads that appear in Google searches when a user searches for a hotel. The ads appear in a user-friendly booking format that allows them to view photos, prices, and more without ever having to click through. This makes the hotel decision much quicker and easier for the consumer, and it can be beneficial for the hotel if they’re able to create a good Google Hotel Ads campaign.

How Can You Use Them to Your Advantage?

If you want to use Google Hotel Ads, the first thing you should do is make sure your Google My Business is properly setup. The module that has all the information about your hotel will pull directly from your Google My Business information. Make sure to have the correct address, phone number, location on Google Maps, photos, amenities, reviews, and anything else you want your potential guests to see. 

Google Hotel Ads are based on bids, which you can set up when making your campaign. You have several options to choose from when bidding, including Commissions (pay-per-booking), Commissions (pay-per-stay), Max CPC, and Enhanced CPC. In short, you either choose to bid when someone completes a booking or when they click on your ad.

Different bidding strategies will correlate with different goals. If you want to bid a fixed amount when your ad is clicked, you’ll do a CPC, or cost-per-click bid. If you want to bid a percent of a room’s booking value, then you’ll be paying per conversion. The strategy that works best for you is determined by a number of factors, and it’s something your marketing team will need to optimize in order to get the best possible results and return on investment. 

Choose Southeast International Hotel Brokers

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