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What to Expect When Rebranding in the Hotel Industry

Hotel rebranding meeting

A rebrand is a major process that can be difficult and stressful. Too often, rebranding is approached haphazardly and without a good plan or strategy. When it comes to rebranding in the hotel industry, it is crucial to have a strong marketing strategy for your rebrand. The hotel industry is largely based on trust and reliability with visitors, so a rebrand must be done carefully and correctly. In today’s blog post, Southeast International Hotel Brokers will explain what to expect during a rebrand in the hotel industry. 

Rebranding Won’t Happen Overnight

The biggest mistake made with rebrands is the half-baked rebrand strategy. Creating a new brand will not happen overnight; it is a multi-stage process in which each goal is dependent on the others. You must invest adequate time in the brand creation process, with a strong rollout plan, from the first logo design to launching your completely new website. Failing to account for the details will diminish the power of your brand, hamstringing your brand’s future. In the hotel industry, if you are rebranding, you will need to take your time and get it right. 

Be Prepared with a Comprehensive Budget and Plan

Another common mistake made during the rebranding process is failing to account for the cost of the rebrand and not having an outlined budget. For starters, there should be a sizeable budget given to the logo creation and website design. Beyond that, hotels have to consider a vast number of other details to rebrand, such as signage, stationery, marketing materials, internal and external documents, employee uniforms, and more. If your hotel is moving to a new brand, you need the proper budgetary plan to complete the project. 

Stay Up-To-Date with the Online Hotel Industry

The internet is your best friend during a rebrand. You will want to prepare your website and social media channels before you finalize your rebrand. On top of that, your hotel should take advantage of the power of the press and promote your rebrand through online publications and local media outlets. Don’t forget to update your online business listings and ensure your industry partners and third-party providers update your branding on their platforms as well. 

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