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Hotel Industry: Event Instant Booking

Event booking systems

In the hotel industry, success goes beyond just booking rooms. For hotels that have conference rooms, you can generate great revenue by staying up to date on conferences, seminars, and events in your town. If you have the capabilities to host conferences and seminars, you already have a foot in the door for booking rooms and making extra money. If you are aware of when certain events are happening, and even partner with hosts, you can make extra money during high-volume seasons. In today’s blog post, Southeast International Hotel Brokers will look at how instant booking can help your hotel.

What Is Event Instant Booking?

Instant booking is an online booking system that confirms booking requests instantly rather than waiting for a confirmation. This has become a popular system in the hotel industry, as it makes life easier for both hotel staff and those looking to reserve a room. When instant booking is enabled, all booking requests are automatically confirmed, and a confirmation email is sent immediately rather than waiting for a reservation manager. 

Why Is It Beneficial?

In the hotel industry, the most obvious benefit is the simplicity for guests booking rooms at your hotel. It is easier for them and easier for your staff. However, with events, it is even more beneficial. If your hotel is hosting a conference or seminar or is partnering with an organization that is hosting an event, instant booking can help you promote that event and maximize booking. If a potential guest can see an opportunity to book a hotel room at your property for an event they are attending, without the hassle of lengthy confirmation processes, you are more likely to get conversions. 

Should Your Hotel Utilize Instant Booking?

Instant booking is a no-brainer in the hotel industry. You can maximize bookings and stay in control of your booking process while also making life easier on your staff and visitors. It also helps you attract more travelers. For events, if you can promote your hotel and offer instant booking, your hotel is far more likely to get business from visitors, especially if there is an event being hosted by your hotel. 

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