Cost to Sell a Hotel

Cost to Sell a Hotel

Costs graphic to sell a hotelHow Much Will it Cost to Sell a Hotel?

If you’re trying to sell a hotel, one of the reasons you may be tempted to try and do it yourself (without the help of a hotel brokerage) is the cost. It may seem like a way to save money now, but the work that hotel brokers put into their hotel listings is both complex and time consuming. The hassle of doing it yourself is something you’re probably underestimating, while the cost is something you’re most likely overestimating.

Southeast International Hotel Brokers’ standard fee to sell a hotel is six percent and you only pay this amount upon closing the sale of your hotel. This means that you won’t be burdened by the need to pay until you actually have the funds freed up from the sale.

The truth of the matter is, the best way to sell a hotel is through an established hotel brokerage. It is the best use of your time and money. Don’t let the six percent dissuade you – many different things factor into that cost. Southeast International Hotel Brokers put in a lot of work to market your hotel well and give it lots of exposure for potential buyers.

What We Do to Sell a Hotel

Creating Marketing Materials

Southeast International knows the importance of marketing your property well. It takes time, money, resources, and requires a professional presentation. If someone is thinking about buying a hotel, the marketing tools are the first impression. No one wants to spend that kind of money on a hotel that hasn’t been managed well.

Paying for Advertising Spots

Exposure is crucial if you want to sell a hotel. One of the greatest advantages of hiring a hotel brokerage is that they know how to get hotel listings in front of the right people.  Southeast International has five decades of experience that gives us the ability to know how and where to advertise hotels for sale.

Screening Prospects

Not only does Southeast International have an extensive database of potential buyers, we also have a screening process to set apart qualified buyers before connecting them with listings that match their interest.

Showing Property

When qualified buyers express interest, your hotel broker will be the one to meet them at the hotel property for sale, show them the property and answer their questions.

Administrative Work

Selling a hotel requires a lot of communication and documentation, such as emails, phone calls, and paperwork. Southeast International Hotel Brokers will answer calls well outside of traditional business hours to ensure the success of your hotel sale. We have an entire administrative support staff to field inquiries and handle the preliminary and behind-the-scenes work so that our hotel brokers can remain organized and have the resources needed to sell your property.

If you’re interested in learning more about the costs to sell a hotel with Southeast International, contact us today to speak with a hotel broker.