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Appealing to Solo Travelers

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For hotel managers, the solo traveler is an important but often forgotten guest. For people who routinely travel, particularly for business, hotel stays are very common. In the hotel industry, it’s important to keep these travelers on your radar, especially as the number of solo bookings continues to increase across the hotel industry. In today’s blog post, Southeast International Hotel Brokers will look at how the hotel industry can appeal to solo travelers. 

When Do People Travel Solo?

The percentage of people taking solo trips has increased by 7% in the last year alone, and it is continuing to increase. Younger people, specifically Gen Z people, are actually beginning to prefer traveling alone. So while solo trips used to almost exclusively be for business purposes, many younger people are taking solo trips just for fun. Still, most of a hotel’s solo bookings will come from business trips or business-related travel. 

What Do People Look for When Traveling Solo?

What people look for when traveling solo depends on why they are traveling solo. For people traveling on business, having a hotel near an airport and with an airport shuttle could go a long way towards attracting business. Similarly, little amenities such as a coffee machine or a continental breakfast can appeal to solo travelers. For the bump in fun solo trips, travelers will be looking for a lively social scene or exciting activities. If you are located in an area that is booming, with restaurants, parks, and activities, you will want to promote those when trying to reach solo travelers. 

How to Make Your Hotel Appealing for Solo Travelers

One thing that the hotel industry should focus on with solo travelers is safety. Solo travelers are often concerned with safety, since they are traveling alone. Offering a 24/7 reception desk and secure on-site parking can put your guests at ease. Other ways to appeal to solo travelers include promoting the best social spots in the area, providing simple amenities like Wi-Fi, and even offering discounts for solo travelers.

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